Photographer Arun Mishra takes us to the bathing festival


Captions: In the background, a broad view of the ghats in Nashik, India, as pilgrims take purifying dips in the Godavari River during the Kumbha Mela in August, 2015; pilgrims collect water from an ornate fountain at the water’s edge; sadhus enjoy a cool dip on one of the main bathing days; devotees parade with sadhus on horseback through Nashik’s streets; a statue of Hanuman near the water’s edge; a boy with balloons sits beneath a sacred tree; a woman offers arati to the Goddess, embodied in the river

(Background) Devotees place offerings on a shrine after having bathed in the Godavari River nighttime in one of the camp areas; worshiping at one of the ghats; a woman carries flowers on her head throughout the day; pilgrims have fun taking a dip in the cool waters; news crews and photographers are everywhere, documenting the event; three men (one of them blind) among the throngs of pilgrims

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