Iraivan is a big project, costing $16 million, which includes an endowment to support it forever. It is a temple made to last a thousand years, one you can return to lifetime after lifetime to enjoy. Become a temple builder. Join with the many who are a vital part of this unique vision, bringing India's finest art and culture to the United States. Become a part of the international group of devotees who have contributed more than $2 million. Fourteen million is yet to be raised before the temple is formally dedicated. Catch the vision, help build the Island Temple!


Many families have come forward to sponsor one part of the temple. For example, three of the temple's entry towers have been sponsored for $50,000. Others families are sponsoring one of 170 tridents on the railing ($1,008) and individual pillars ($21,000). Sponsorship works well as a community or extended family project where the money is raised over a period of time, such as by fundraising sales, door-to-door solicitation, etc.


The most common form of helping Iraivan is the monthly pledge. Many devotees set up an automatic charge on their credit card or bank account of $50, $100, $500 or more. We rely on these regular monthly pledges to support the daily carving work in India. Monthly pledges presently form the bulk of Iraivan's income and come from hundreds of people in 45 nations around the world.


Do you really need to rent a video every Saturday night? Maybe you could live without it and send the money to Iraivan instead. That's an example of self-denial some devotees use to support the project. Forgo something in your life that you regularly buy. Write down everything you spend money on in a month and you may find something you can live without, and instead put that money to work building God's temple.


Dashamamsha is the Sanskrit term for giving one-tenth of your income for God's work. Tithing is an ancient spiritual practice, sadhana, in Hinduism and based on the belief that all money is God's money. We give Him everything, and He returns nine-tenths to us. Tithing requires that you discipline your worldly life and finances, just as meditation disciplines the mind and body.


Feeling generous today? Well, fulfill your inspiration by sending a few hundred dollars to the Iraivan Temple project. Some unexpected money just fell in your lap? Before you fritter it away, take a moment to consider making that long-planned, one-time love offering. A loved one passed away and named you in the will? Honor him or her and distinguish yourself by using a portion to create something permanent.

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