AWARDED: Dr. Purushottamlal Bhargava by Indian President Shankar Dayal Sharma, for his eminence in Sanskrit scholarship and proficiency in Shastras. Formerly Professor of Sanskrit at Rajasthan University, India, and Professor of Religion at McMaster University, Canada, Dr. Bhargava is the author of numerous research papers and books on Indology. He is currently engaged in producing new editions of his celebrated books Founders of India's Civilization and India in the Vedic Age.

CONVERTED: From Christianity to Hinduism. Mr. P. Paul Edwin, a scientist and researcher, became a Hindu in a simple ceremony by the Arya Samaj in New Delhi. A Tamil, his forefathers became Christian under the British Raj. On another occasion, Philip Charles, a British man who reins as the World Karate Champion, embraced Hinduism and now uses the name Chinmaya.

REVIVED: From a near-death experience, Shrimati Capideo, 75, was said to be clinically dead for 17 seconds by doctors following her collapse in a Siva temple on the island of Trinidad. A yogini for the last 36 years, Ma said that while doctors tried to restore her pulse she saw Lord Siva come towards her with His arms open. "I went into the Lord's arms as a child longing for her parent's love." She continues to visit the temple every day.

DISCOVERED: At least on paper, a new sub-atomic particle by nine-year-old Tathagat Avtar Tulsi of New Delhi. The boy-genius plans to test his theory of the particle's existence, dubbed the "Tulitron," in a particle accelerator. His mother says she first realized her son was special when he corrected her income tax accounts at age three. At age six he calculated the value of pi to seven decimal places. His latest ambition is to win a Nobel Prize.