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Faced with thousands of Swaminarayan devotees wanting to see the copy of the revered Shikshapatri, a Sanskrit manuscript hand-written by their founder, held by the Oxford University's Bodleian Library, library officials decided to put it on the web at []. The Shikshapatri is a dharma text of guidelines by Lord Swaminarayan (1781-1830) for devotees of his reformed Vaishnava lineage. The site provides information on the historical, religious and cultural context of the manuscript, page views, study aids and audio recitations in various languages.



The prolific and visionary Harish Johari made an inestimable contribution to Hinduism's 20th century renaissance. His works live on in cyberspace. His students and artists from six countries, with the consent of his wife and children in India, have formed the Sanatan Society as "an internet platform to give spiritual seekers from all over the world the possibility to pass through Harish's authentic teachings and the wide knowledge he has left behind." Strongly eclectic, and its commercial twin,, [,] offer thousands of pages of resources, teachings, books, stories, music and, most prominently, the breathtaking artwork of Johari and his students to grace your screen, your office or your home.



Vastu shastra, a vedic science whose principles were envisioned some 5,000 years ago by the rishis, deals with natural forces and energies. The correct application of these innate laws creates a harmonious energy; a living area becomes not only a refuge, but a space that offers repose and rejuvenation. At [ ] is a concise guide to these ideas by an experienced author from India. Intricacies of the shastras are explained and helpful suggestions for their use are offered in a well-organized, cleanly-designed and easy-to-read format.