The last statement in the article God’s Slave (Jul/Aug/Sept 2004) on Swamiji Balamurugan Adimai has been very thought-provoking. I have not met Swamiji, but I have heard a lot about him. He is a great saint with innumerable inimitable qualities. You did a great job by publishing his story.

Venugopal Kota, Hyderabad, India,

Skewed Toward Saivism

In a letter printed in the April/May/June 2004 issue a reader expressed his concern over Hinduism Today’s being skewed toward Saivism. My guess would be that the majority of subscribers to Hinduism Today subscribe to it exactly because of its Saivite lineage. Most of Hinduism is so biased toward Vaishnavism and Smartism, so much so that often Smartism is considered to be the Hinduism. It is only in a handful of institutions such as Hinduism Today that Saivism gets some breathing space!

Renuka Kumarasamy, Edison, New Jersey,

Hindu American Foundation

I recently had the honor of being invited to a presentation by the Hindu American Foundation. I think it is outrageous that some so-called intellectuals are teaching absurd fallacies about Hinduism. Hindus are rarely acknowledged in the media, yet there are many Sanskrit words used in the English language, such as pajamas, mantra and pundits, and then there are the television shows, such as Dharma and Gregg. At last, the Hindu American Foundation has been established to promote understanding, tolerance and pluralism. Every Hindu ought to visit their website at []

Henry Karnilowicz, San Francisco, California,

Thanks for the Mention

I was thrilled to unexpectedly find your acclaim for my new website on the back cover of the new issue (Online Gallery, Digital Dharma, Jul/Aug/Sept 2004)! We have had a large team working on the new site for about a year, so it is wonderful to have that acknowledgement and exposure. My work, as always, is simply about trying to bring attention and appropriate respect to the cultures, traditions and peoples of South Asia, and most of that emphasis is Hindu. I am finding the Web to be an exciting new direction through which to develop information channels to easily reach a large mass. Your article can only help that outreach.

I have a young team of developers who are really delighted to be working on this site. Together we have many goals, and the site will keep growing and changing over the next months and years. Our aim is to gradually create a series of online audio slide lectures on aspects of Hinduism and Indian art and culture that will include QuickTime video clips as well. We will gradually develop those into packages that can be used as additional texts for high school and university programs.

Stephen Huyler, Camden, Maine,

Outrageous Attacks

The temple attack report (Hindu Press International, July 7, 2004) is a really sad reflection on the state of affairs in India, in particular Tamil Nadu. Not only are Hindu philosophy, thought, Sanskrit language and heritage attacked in Tamil movies and other media regularly, now even the physical structures are under attack. Where is the king (government) who is supposed to protect the religion?

P. Balashanmugam, Cheras, Selangor, Malaysia


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