In May, 2000, famed astrologer Chakrapani Ullal visited Hinduism Today’s office while participating in a conference on our island of Kauai. In this interview he explains his anticipation of the next half-century.

I base these predictions on the American Independence chart, which has Sagittarius rising; the Moon in the third house in Aquarius; four planets in Gemini in the seventh house–Mars, the Sun, Venus and Jupiter; Mercury and Rahu in the eighth house in Cancer; and Saturn in the tenth in Virgo.

So, currently in this chart the Moon dasa is running, which began in October, 1998, and will continue until 2008. Specific aspects of its placement increase the potential for all kinds of technical developments in the coming years, especially with computer technology, as we are seeing. I said this in 1998 when I gave a lecture in a school in New York attended by professors from Harvard and MIT and executives from Intel and Disney. The topic was the future of education, in relation to computers and internet technology. When they asked me to give an opinion, I explained that because the Moon is situated in a sensitive point, in the next ten years there will be an upsurge of all kind of technology and communications information. It will grow and expand, even though there could be ups and downs, until 2008.

Then will come seven years of Mars influence. Mars is predominately placed in America’s seventh house, in association with Jupiter. Mars is very connected to health and therefore technology in relation to health will begin to take shape. I said at the New York meeting that genetic engineering and biotechnology will take the place of information technology at that time. There is the possibility that people using the technology can increase their lifespan. At this time also will come the influence of Rahu. Rahu is “poisonous,” so it may have some kind of negative impact in the beginning of this biotechnology development. Glitches could appear. That is anticipated.

Next comes Rahu dasa, in 2015, which is in the country’s eighth house. At this time the information technology has taken shape, and the biotechnology has made a big leap. Rahu is also a healing planet, so it will influence people to improve their life span using this new technology they have gained. Health will improve, and with fewer health problems, positive things will come, indicating that a certain amount of desires of people are being fulfilled at this time.

After Rahu comes the country’s Jupiter cycle in 2033, which lasts for 16 years and may bring a spiritual revolution because perhaps most of the things that people want, they are able to have and benefit from. Then only one thing is missing. One cannot get complete happiness from technology or good health. After all, the mind needs peacefulness, not things. That peacefulness will come when the pursuit of spirituality comes to the fore under the influence of Jupiter. This is the direction the millennium will take in America.

As for India, she is making progress and will continue to grow and expand. Around 2008-2010, the country will be well organized. Until then, there will be ups and downs and troubles and difficulties. Technology could be a savior of the country, especially as corruption is reduced.

Chakrapani Ullal,