April/May/June, 2023

Taoism’s Hindu Parallels

Thank you for pointing out that Taoists and Hindus most likely came to the same conclusions independently (Oct/Nov/Dec 2022). When people try to pinpoint divine knowledge to a single people or single culture, it does a disservice to other people and cultures. Cultures around the globe have developed their own wisdom and were fully capable of tapping into the divine source the same way different ethnic groups in India, Nepal and other parts of South Asia were able to.

A Dance Pioneer

“Giants Who Reawakened Indian Dance” (Apr/May/Jun 2011)—another dance pioneer inspired by Ruth St. Denis’ Indian Dance performance “Five East Indian Dances with Music of Inayath Khan” was Martha Graham. In the spring of 1912, Martha went for her first dance program, where she was mesmerized by Ruth portraying Radha. After that epiphany, she wrote, “My fate was sealed.” The rest is the history of the great Martha Graham.
Pritham Ramamurthy

The Museums of India

I loved every bit of what you have written in “Museums of India” (Oct/Nov/Dec 2022). It was a reminder of a glorious time that made the whole world want us. When I traveled for lectures to students, I saw a lot of Bharat Mata. I remember being in the Sarasvati Mahal—then only the beginning of a museum, with hardly any written explanation of the murtis and the irrepressible art of our nation! I am so grateful to read your explanations. I have lived in the USA for nearly 56 years. I was 21 when I landed here in the month of January with a seven-week old baby girl—that, too, to the mid-western USA where I survived all these years, even thrived, with my saint of a husband! I set up a family foundation in 1995 named SeedTheWorld.Org that has worked in Bharat and allowed me to read about and see many wonderful parts of my land of birth.
Smt. Renu Malhotra

Beloved Mystic Mountains

Kudos to you, Mr. Khimlal Gautam, for your outstanding achievements in ascending Everest and publishing this article introducing the history of our very own Sagarmatha, with a novel approach. It was enlightening even for me who loves to identify myself as belonging to the country of Mount Everest. The article (Oct/Nov/Dec 2022) portrays your passion and dedication toward your work and reveals the wealth of knowledge you possess on topics relating to the history of Hinduism and the Himalayas.
Samjhana Kafle

Great read! To me, this is an entirely new discipline in Himalayan mountaineering. I am thankful to Mr. Gautam for exploring this genre. Hindu scriptures possess a great source of knowledge, from mountains to oceans. We hope the author will explore more of the religious connections with these majesties.
Anish Dahal

Jyotisha, Hindu Astrology

Great information (Oct/Nov/Dec 2015). Jyotisha describes the many planetary related effects in our life and offers solutions for planetary-related problems—mantras, tantra, yantra, gems, donation, fasting and more.
Tanay Biswas

Mumbai’s Street Food Rocks!

Hey Lavina! I enjoyed reading your article (Jan/Feb/Mar 2020). I also like Maharashtra’s food very much. There I enjoyed many different types of street food.
Aman Sharma
Chinmayananda: 1916-1993

Swamiji roared across the Earth preaching Vedanta and Bhagavad Gita. As noted in your article published after his passing (Oct 1993), he was an awakening inspiration to so many in the Western side of the world, including the Caribbean. Unto him our best. Jai Gurudev!
Mala Gangapersad

Introducing an Amazing Person

Thank you, Swamiji, for your Publisher’s Desk in the Jan/Feb/Mar 2023 issue. I am grateful for the spiritual guidance provided by yourself and Hinduism Today. Following that guidance has been greatly uplifting, particularly the trilogy of Dancing with Siva, Living with Siva and Merging with Siva. I am located in India, but my heart is inspired from a distance. With lots of love and ­gratitude. Pritpal Dhaliwal

Pancha Ganapati

(Oct/Nov/Dec 2020). What wonderful ethics to have whilst celebrating this festival. In our modern day and age, I believe we should all learn to forgive one another, be more reflective and learn to live a better life. That way perhaps we can all be happier living together on our planet.

A blessed Pancha Ganapati! May your paths be cleared, may your days be filled with vibrations of love, joy, hope and peace!
Catherine Dalton