150TH BIRTH ANNIVERSARY: of Theosophical Society president and free India crusader Annie Besant was commemorated on October 1. Born in 1847 in England, Besant was ahead of her time. Unhappy with Christian views on suffering, she moved to Benares, India, founding the Central Hindu College (now Banaras Hindu University) amidst British oppression to help children regain their ancestral heritage.

SAVING TIGERS: is the passion of Jenny Osgood, a 16-year-old British girl. She organized a 7,000-signature petition to the Prime Minister of India–home to two-thirds of the remaining 4-7,000 wild tigers on Earth. The London Environmental Investigation Agency flew her to India in October, 1997, to personally present the petition during "wildlife week." Read her story on the web at: www.5tigers.org/jenny.htm

TRANSITION: Eugene "Mickey" Finn in Boston, USA, on October 19, 1997, at the age of 76. An admitted thief, con artist and drug addict, Finn one day sought relief from a hatha yoga teacher and promptly changed his life. He was inspired to teach yoga from his apartment for free for decades, introducing hundreds to Sri Aurobindo's teachings.

FIGHTING: with Hindu Gods may be the plot in upcoming episodes of "Hercules, The Legendary Journeys," according to TV Guide. Greek Gods are commonly bashed in the series. To show your concern that Hindu Gods not be disrespected, write to: Hercules Productions, c/o Pacific Renaissance Pictures, PO Box 90409, Auckland Mail Centre, Auckland, New Zealand.