For anyone wishing they could carry a collection of Hinduism Today magazine issues in their pocket wherever they go, this is the resource for you! In 2015 we developed a mobile version of our beloved publication, and since then it has received several updates. You can download it from your app store for iPhone, iPad and Android—and it’s free! 

A recent poll indicates 70 percent of India’s digitally connected population have only a mobile device, with no computer at home. In the US, mobile internet access makes up 57 percent of all web traffic. Globally, we find the internet’s mobile traffic is at 63 percent, with only 32 percent of website access happening through computers.

Our hope, with this app and our other online resources, is that people all over the world will benefit, whether they be students in Fiji, families in Mauritius, yogis in Rishikesh or seekers in Kuala Lumpur. By providing a mobile-friendly reading experience for the magazine’s one-of-a-kind stories and elegant graphics, we hope one of those beneficiaries is you.

You can find a link to your app-store version by going here:, or you can search your Apple or Google store for “Hinduism Today.”

The app lets you view the magazine in two primary ways. In “contents view,” you can scan through articles in an easy-to-read, web-like experience. In “page view,” you can read through the magazine as it appears in print—with the bonus that all the links are clickable. 

While looking at articles in “contents view,” you can share what you discover through social links. You can even listen to a digital reading of the article if you feel like listening instead of reading.

The app’s navigation menu lets you access our other website resources, too, including Hindu Press International and our YouTube videos, with all of Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami’s “Publisher’s Desk” editorials and so much more.

If you enjoy using the app, please consider leaving a rating and review, which will bring more attention and appreciation to all the material Hinduism Today has to offer.