The Hindu calendar on the basis of which predictions for the world are given is the only scientifically correct method of predicting world events. We gave predictions based on this method in 1993. Two of these were: "The sixth house is the house of sports and the USA is going to host a big sports event, the World Soccer Championship. But the presence of Mars here shouldn't be overlooked. It can mean some violent event also during the championship which will be watched by billions of people all over the world." During those June 1994 Championships, the O.J. Simpson murder case rocked the USA. A second prediction was that, "The same combination may indicate that one of the Nobel Prizes of the year may go to Japan"–which it did, in literature.

It should be remembered that even before the Hindu New Year began on March 19, 1996, at 4.15 Indian Standard time (as celebrated in North India), a miracle had taken place when the idols of Lord Ganesha had drunk milk. In the November 1995 issue of Hinduism Today, my explanation about this is quoted thus, "harm will come to commanders of the army." Actually, it is a sign of disaster for the world to be followed by a welcome spiritual change according to all great astrological classics. Under those portents, the New Year started with one of the worst planetary configurations for three countries, among many, mainly: India, USA and UK. These can be discussed in detail later, issue by issue. Yet what has happened so fast and so dramatically can be reviewed:

India:The nation is rocked by the worst financial scandals, yet is swinging towards idealism in politics and spirituality in common life more and more. But "the commanders of the army" (actually the word used is raja, meaning those in power) in Indian public life are getting exposed on a scale and in an unprecedented way. The New Year horoscope for India sees more and more of such events until March 1997. A weak central government, with changing loyalties of politicians individually, and political loyalties collectively, will make Indian politics more disgusting. The sublime side is revival of some great ancient traditions and some archaeological evidences to prove and establish the truth of what until now belong to the domain of mythology.

UK:The joke being cracked in India is that the sacred cow is tormenting "John Bull" (used for England as "Uncle Sam" is for the USA). The "commander of the army," John Major, had to take a cruel decision to get these cows killed which will affect milk, butter, jam, ice-cream and leather industries along with the transport services. But the New Year Horoscope for UK shows a series of disasters which will be ultimately good. It will put an end to a lot of meat-eating in Western countries. Lord Ganesha will initiate his actions with right lessons in the understanding of vegetarianism to this country. Yet there will be some major disasters for top political men and the royalty. A very difficult year. The spiritual benefits are knocks on the head that will impart lessons in jnana which will cause the scientific bureaucrats to feel humiliated. England will learn a lesson which George Bernard Shaw had preached more than seventy years ago, "I flatly declare that a man fed on whisky and dead bodies cannot do the finest work of which he is capable."

USA:Internal turmoil and international aggression. Bankruptcy, bouncing of credit cards, closure of industries, increases of unemployment cannot be staved off even in this year's election gimmicks. It will be prudent to safeguard and protect the presidential candidates from physical violence. This is a year of frightening seismic disturbances.

August Outlook

The traditional ancient Hindu method of making predictions on the basis of the New Moon and Full Moon, fortnight by fortnight, is the soundest basis. But to make predictions for each nation of the world on this basis needs analysis of vast data. But, general indications on the basis of only the Delhi horoscope do reveal trends which must manifest. Here I must remember a very great Hindu astrologer, the late Hardeo Shastri Sharma, who had written that the conjunction of Saturn and Ketu in Meena (Pisces) would auger the biggest changes in the world, initially with violence. In the month of August, Saturn and Ketu are in close conjunction in Meena, with Mars and Venus in kendra (square), in Mithuna (Gemini), which will exert a violent pressure. Both Saturn and Mars also afflict Rahu in Kanya (Virgo).

Such a dangerous position is hardly good for world peace. The intolerance and hatreds of all varieties, racial in the USA, religious fundamentalism in Lebanon and Israel and a dismally disturbed Indian politics will be the news. An afflicted Venus in Mithuna has previously taken away through death India's two Prime Ministers, Jawaharlal Nehru and Rajiv Gandhi. It also created big financial scandals. On this basis, there is visible a big political change in India in this period. Jupiter is retrograde and has double malefic aspect of Saturn/Mars, which nullifies Jupiter's protective influence totally.

But the hidden story revealed astrologically is that from the last week of August, emphasis on some religious liberalism and temple building activities will create and promote some sanity in a world shattered by cynicism.

Sri K. N. Rao is a world-renowned Vedic astrologer and founder of the world's largest astrological school in Delhi. He can be reached at: K. N. Rao, 291 Saraswati Kunj, Plot No. 25, Patparganj, Delhi 110092, Phone: 91-11-221-9030 , Fax: 91-11- 221-9031